Roof Sealant Paint

25March 2018

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7 Uses & Benefits Of Roof Sealant Paint

If you are a homeowner, you probably would like to extend the life of your roof. However, your roof surface is exposed to wind and weather, sun and rain, storms and ice, etc. and it is virtually impossible to withstand the elements for too long without suffering a bit of wear and tear.

A typical roof can last for as long as 20 years if not longer without the need for a complete replacement, but the sun and storms can definitely cause damage, which eventually leads to leaks. Manufacturers have come up with a solution to protect your roof, which is to apply roof sealant paint.

If you apply waterproofing sealant to the surface of your roof, it will be the one that gets hit hard by the elements and not your roofing shingles or metal roof. Roof sealants also have other uses and benefits such as preventing the growth of mould and algae, improving its fire resistance etc.

Roof Sealants Vs. Flat Roofs

roof sealant paintRoof sealants are a definite necessity for flat roofs, but they are much less popular when it comes to sloped roofs. However, in recent times, there has been a huge development in the types and intended purposes of coatings and now even pitched roofs are getting sealed.

The Benefits and Uses of Roof Sealant Paint

1. Waterproofing and Protecting Roof Surfaces

Roof sealant serves as a waterproof coating over several different roof surfaces. Silicone and elastomeric (rubber) sealants form a protective seal over the roof. The best roof sealants are actually breathable too, to allow moisture from various household activities such as showering and cooking to escape through the roof.

2. UV Protection

Sitting out in the sun all day long for a good part of the roof can take a toll on your roof, especially if you have asphalt shingles. UV rays lead to molecular changes in shingles, which eventually leads to degradation and curling. While some roofing materials have reflective properties to curb this problem, a roof sealant is another good way to do it.

3. Useful with Different Materials

Roof sealants are formulated to adhere to a wide variety of roof surfaces including asphalt roofs, metal roofs, galvanised metal, composite roofs, wood, among others. However, before you apply roof sealant to materials such as shingle, you should check the manufacturer’s warranty to find out whether doing that would void the warranty.

4. Prevents Mould Growth

Rubber roof sealants have a relatively low level of permeability, which means that they hardly ever stay moist or even allow the flourishing of harmful microorganisms such as algae and mould. If you live in a high humidity area where the mould threat is not only real but also very high, rubber roof sealant can be quite beneficial.

5. Cost Effective

Roof sealant is applied directly on top of the existing roof, which translates to a shorter installation time and cosy reduction because the systems aren’t as labour intensive as installing a new roof. A roof restoration system doesn’t require tearing down of the existing roof, which reduces the contribution to landfill waste and costs less since you don’t have to pay the landfill fees.

6. Lower Consumption of Energy

Roof sealant contains reflective elements, which helps reduce the load on your HVAC system in case you are using one. With regards to the emissive properties, the roof temperatures will reduce and so will the energy consumption requirements during the daytime. This means that you can increase the level of comfort in your home since the roof temperature is lower.

7. Increases the Energy Star Rating

A building’s Energy Star rating isn’t static. It changes as the structure changes. Adding roof sealant is one of the easiest ways to ensure that your building is more energy efficient or even increase its Energy Star rating. Boosting the Energy Star rating of your home can be great for its resale value since it helps it achieve a value required by the local regulations.

The Bottom Line

If you would like to improve the performance and extend the life of your roof, you shouldn’t ignore the numerous benefits of roof sealant paint. It is a very simple solution for alleviating many of the problems with your roof. To enjoy the benefits of roof sealant, get in touch with a professional who will help you choose the right products and possibly even do the application.


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